Tobar Sláinte agus Fás

Self-Development and Healing

Holding space within the Healing Arts is a vocational role within the community and is on voluntary donation basis to ease accessibility.

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  • Apprenticeship

    The Healing Arts path is developed within the native elements and terrain within and around us. It draws on wisdom and knowing that our ancestors developed through observation, presence and being an open channel with the elements of the worlds within and around them. 

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  • Community

    Tuath Croí na Mara is a community space created to nurture the healing and learning process through exploration of themes within community. 

    It has been created with the intention to bring those together who would like to foster a deeper connection with their ancestral roots.

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  • Foundation

    This dynamic, blended journey covers the basic components of energy alignment and our place within the natural world. It is centred around our reconnection and alignment with mother earth and provides an introduction to the Irish Healing Arts traditions. 

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  • Events

    At Teampall Croí na Mara, self-empowered healing and growth is not only encouraged, but forms a strong foundation for our approach to healing and personal development. View our upcoming events, training and healing circles.

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Croí na Mara


Visit our resource centre to find video, audio and written posts based on the Irish Healing Arts and Traditions, and the personal, self-development journey.

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